I used to try to make this blog somewhat entertaining, back in those days when life wasn’t yet so serious.  I’d talk about TV programmes, professional wrestling, seniors driving, and sometimes the odd important issue, but still try to make it light and lively.  Satire they call it.  Well dear reader, the end times have come.  The thing everybody said could never happen here happened here.  The Comb Over on late night TV is not funny.  Hitler on late night TV is not funny.  Laugh now, but you won’t be laughing when they come for you.  Get ready for the party to end.  Bad hangover if you even wake up.  Ever seen the film Cabaret?  Well we’re living it.  Money makes the world go ’round.

Now that I’ve re-started this blog again I don’t know where to start.  There are so many untold truths.  Maybe I’ve waited too long.  But you’ve got to start somewhere.  Bite size as they say.

So, let’s start with what I call the last straw.  Images, sounds, of children wailing, desperately trying to memorize phone numbers in another language.  Pictures of cages with children in them.  Is this Bavaria in 1936?  No, it’s Texas in the 21st century.  Sounds like an alternate history sf novel kinda.  Well, if you like that sort of thing, you’re living it now.  Enjoy the ride into future history.  The Comb Over has legitimized the incarceration of families, of human beings, people no different than you or I just born in another place and, seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Look up the word Objectification, Look up Dehumanize.  Do you think if this had been 1936 without social media that it would have stopped on its own?  America was always about the hope of a better future for ourselves but even more so for our children and future generations.

Philosophically I’m socially Libertarian.  I generally approve of unfettered immigration.  Come on over everybody let’s have a party!  There’s room in this house for everyone! That’s how America became the greatest nation it was.  Invite don’t discourage.  What if you hadn’t been born with the silver spoon that is American citizenship and white skin in this world?  A fate you never deserved or asked for, just given, not as a right but as a fact of random chance?

Sure you get the bad with the good, but the chances are so small it’s ridiculous.  Do you think that your chances of being victimized by MS-13 or Islamic Fundamentalism is so great that we should lock the door and hunker down with our guns and goods?  Your chances of being killed by terrorists or cartels is less than falling down the stairs or in a traffic accident because of our lousy roads.  Where are the sensible priorities?  You are being victimized by the fear of bad statistics and bad science.  A symptom of our failure to provide a decent education to our electorate.  Besides Law Enforcement was supposed to take care of those things before it became the slave of the militarization of the War on Drugs.  And sensible gun control would also take care of a lot of it.  Those are other topics but I’ll have to save those for another time or this would get too long for the average State News, er, I mean, Fox News consumer.  See I still throw in the odd one liner.

What the haves (Ubermensch) will not tell you is they want to let just enough of the “right” ones in to protect the white rich society; the Roman lifestyle they all live, and fool you into thinking you can aspire to in life, while keeping wages low and any talk of human rights and decency out of the equation.  Healthcare, Shelter, decent living standards.  These would put too much of a burden on “society” and ruin the economy.  C’mon folks stop being swindled by the lies.

I’ll give you one last tidbit to ponder, not about immigration but even you will figure it out.  Look up something called the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact between Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union.  Now change the names to Trump, Vladimir Putin, and just for good measure throw in Kim Jong Un as Benito Mussolini.  Hey, I think I’ve seen this film before….  Those who fail to heed their history are doomed to repeat it.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.  Blind acceptance is a sign of stupid fools who stand in line.  Anger IS an energy.

If only CBS, or CNN, or anybody for that matter would point these things out I wouldn’t have to sit here over my vintage computer and I could get a low paying, benefits and pension free job in the New Economy and rest easy at night….  Satire.

Oh, by the way that’s not Hitler at the top but another nice guy from the 1940s trying to make America, er I mean Germany, great again.  He poisoned himself, his wife, and all his children in the end.  We should be so lucky.  Sorry about the wife and kids tho.




Siamo Innocenti


Waiting to Be Heard: A Memoir - Amanda Knox

Reams of paper have been wasted on this trial.  This and Raffaele Sollecito’s books are the only ones you “need” to read.  The rest are just full of idle speculation and rumor.  At the same time this book should never have been written.  Ms. Knox should have been off doing whatever it was she wanted to do after her year of Study Abroad in Italy.  Still we all know what happened.

For those of you that are still “on the fence” about Amanda’s culpability, well you must still believe the earth is only 6,000 years old and that the jury is still out on Galileo.  There was never ever a shred of evidence that Knox or Sollecito committed any crime whatsoever and an overeager media, public, police, and a prosecutor literally bent on a 17th century witch trial ended up taking one tragedy and trying to make it into three, the lone perpetrator safely ensconced behind bars for most of the time this mess went on.  The fact that Knox and Sollecito were both attractive and Knox American, strangely, or maybe not so, worked against them.

The writing isn’t great, but how can it be and stick to the facts?  There is enough mystery and suspense and truly bizarre hijinks without any authorial tricks.  It reads more like testimony than biography and doesn’t always convey what a fiction writer could have added to make the narrative a little more exciting at times.  Still, this wasn’t the writer’s goal and at times the necessity to reveal in detail certain personal details that should quite rightly have remained private can still make the (sane) reader squirm.

There are the usual superfluous photographs that we’ve all seen a million times, but at least Knox could pick out the pose this time.

I hope she and Raffaele make scads of filthy lucre off the affair, enough to never worry about money to at least make up for some of the misery and the loss of some of the best years of their lives.

I also hope somebody also remembers Meredith Kercher and her sad and terrifying violation and murder at the hands of some Ivory Coast drifter.  That’s what we should have been talking about the whole time.

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?????????????????????When did it become a big deal to pick up dog crap?  When I was a kid nobody picked up dog poop, never, anywhere.    Nobody gave a crap, so to speak.  You just got a shovel and flung whatever ended up in your piece of God’s little acre into the street or in the hedgerow.  No big deal, good fertilizer.  Nobody went berserk if a person walking a dog left a crap in your yard.  After all we just looked after each other;  I put some in your yard and you put some in mine and we’re all cool.  If I didn’t have a dog, no big deal, after all I wasn’t actually picking it up like they do now.



One thing that was different is we lived in a civilized world years ago unlike suburbs and cities today.  We had sidewalks.  Everyplace had sidewalks not just the rich neighborhoods and they were on both sides of the street.  Even houses without driveways had sidewalks.  Big cities, little cities, suburbs you name it all had sidewalks.  The only place that didn’t have sidewalks was when you got out into the rural areas and nobody cares if a dog craps next to a cornfield.


Doin’ the Business

Generally dogs only took a dump and peed on the easement especially since that’s where the trees and fire hydrants were.  As long as you later walked on the sidewalk and not on the easement between the sidewalk and curb you were immune from stepping in doggie-do.  Now all the housing developments are cheap, cheap, cheap and nobody has zoning laws anymore so there aren’t any sidewalks in newer places and therefore no easements.

Still what’s the big deal?  I think arguments about unsanitariness are bogus.  Once Fido blows corn in the park the grass in that general vicinity is now a no fly zone even if the turd gets removed.  Personally I like the missiles above ground since now I can see where the no fly zone is.  I have no idea if I’m sitting in Spot’s toidy if there aren’t any warning signs.


Well what about the sewers?  What about them?  Aren’t they for, well, sewage.  Oh you mean the storm sewers.  They drain into creeks and lakes and rivers.  So?  Everything else does too.  Listen in the good ol’ days there were a lot of buffalo, wolf, coyote, dear, raccoon leavings washing into the creek so what’s a little more dog doo?  You want to swim in that river!  Whoa, are you putting e. coli on the menu?  Even before Fido relieved himself there was still all that “natural” dookie we talked about in the pond plus whatever sewage washed in from the streets and highways and yards after the last storm even without some dog feces.  What about that?  Not to mention that Junior just let go as soon as you dipped him in that “clean” lake.  I just don’t swim in anything but a chlorinated pool because I’m civilized not like you cave dwellers that wanna play Tom Sawyer in the Mississippi.

So I don’t care if your dog craps in my yard even if I don’t own a dog (and never will, I hate dogs), but I’m not telling you where I live either…


Spooks and Leaks

I bet I got your attention with that title. Why did you think about one thing first?  You sinners are all alike.


NSA Spooks and Peepers

What I want to talk about is government spooks = spies, intelligence (what an oxymoron!), and any manner of creepy government law enforcement agency that lusts after your personal information (pretty much everyone from the IRS head to the CIA janitor). These freaks actually think they are serving the public interest by knowing about everything from your shopping habits to your bathroom habits. They also want to label everything Top Secret that they gather so you and I won’t know what or how they gather it and what they gather, and especially how illegal that might be. On top of this they will label Top Secret any embarrassing information they don’t want you to see whether it should be secret or not because they know better than you what is good for you and the United States in general.


Conspiracy Theories

Now I’m not a big conspiracy theory believer like former governor and AWA wrestling legend Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Anytime you get more than two powerful people in a room someone of them is going to squeal or otherwise “compromise” any agreement to get what they personally want over the others. Powerful people are almost always double crossers and if they think they can get more by ratting and they also think there is a reasonable chance of getting away with it (or just killing their co-conspirators), they’re going to do it. Think about it. Think about experiences you’ve had at work, with government, at church, at fraternal organizations, even in your social circle. Somebody always outs the information and we all know what they thought they were up to. Hence I don’t think the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderbergers are up to anything more than a lot of back slapping and circle jerking. What I’m getting to is I do think when these things leak out of the government they are probably real and not just someone (like me) playing Chicken Little and we ought to pay attention to it. I will also tell you why we ought to be thanking these “leakers” as patriots to the US Constitution and helping them get away with it instead of listening to all the folderol about putting them in jail or worse as traitors.

jesse ventura conspiracy theory

AWA’s Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Let’s go a little farther back in history. Say before the disgraceful Iraq war. Remember those “weapons of mass destruction,” WMD’s. Remember when the government tried to suppress the testimony of leading international nuclear inspectors as top secret. Well it was labeled secret because it didn’t support going to war. What other possible reason would this be classified as secret? How did it put our country at risk for this to be public knowledge? Also remember that as soon as it was outed by the leakers, we suddenly now had a war for regime change. Is there something fishy in Denmark? I’ll say!


Weapons of Mass Destruction

Now lets jump forward a little bit to Abu Gharib (I’m too lazy to look up the correct spelling for you sticklers out there). The photographs were initially suppressed by the DoD as secret. Why? Because they would have caused more allied casualties? Huh? That’s when “Top Secret” always comes in. It’s like saying we need to keep secret that we interrogated some mobsters so the mafia wouldn’t be so pissed off at the police. First when did we start being the “bad guys?” Weren’t we always supposed to be the good guy John Wayne types. Let’s get beyond this. Why were they tortured at all? For fun I presume. Now we’ve had a breakdown in our military that the US citizen needs to know. Why? Because we can never be sure it will ever be dealt with otherwise and it has to stop.


Abu Gharib Sweethearts

Jump forward to the Bradley Manning leaks to WikiLeaks. First if you read through and look at this there is nothing, I mean nothing, that put anyone in harm’s way other than by revealing we weren’t playing by the rules (international and our own) again and also not telling the truth even when we were playing by the rules. So why was it secret? Half of it was already known. It was secret because your own government is embarrassed by the fact that it doesn’t play nice, by the rules, our own rules, and doesn’t look like the good guys they want you to think they are. There was no other reason to keep this information secret.


Jump forward to now. Did you ever look at the crap Edward Snowden leaked? A bunch of PowerPoint slides that reveal nothing about how the NSA information is acquired but it did state that the way they did it would not exclude data on US citizens in the United States. This is illegal by US law. The espionage spooks cannot have operations targeted on US citizens on US soil, period. Snowden’s “revelations” did nothing to compromise US security. Nothing. It was suppressed because again, we weren’t playing by our own rules and it is embarrassing and illegal to be caught pissing in the corner with your pants down. On top of this we can also question why it is even legal for the US to spy on your phone calls to Mexico to your great grandfather, even if you both are US citizens. Bet you didn’t know that. Now if you think for a minute that international terrorists or criminals didn’t already think their calls could be monitored before Snowden’s leaks, then you are just simple minded, and he didn’t show any new way as to how they could avoid being monitored either.


What it comes down to is your government is spying on you for the purported reason of protecting you from terrorists. Did this prevent two Chechen kooks that weren’t even professional terrorists from bombing one of the most visible sporting events in the US?  Ask the three people who died or those who were maimed if tapping their phones was worth it. If we get beyond that, would the country be any safer from terrorists if the TSA didn’t push you through some scanner that shows your teats and arse to everyone. Tell me how? Your chances of being killed by falling down the stairs are greater than they are from a terrorist attack. We already know your chances of being killed by a fertilizer plant explosion or a train derailment are worse. Why don’t we mobilize thousands of people tomorrow to inspect every aspect of the rail system or fertilizer production including tapping their phones to see if they are “cheating” on the regulations. The reaction to this nonsense is absurd.

Finally if you think that the government does have the capability to get your private information then you should be worried that somebody of questionable moral character might use it illegally.  Do you think that government employees are any less prone to using your private information for nefarious reasons than anyone else?  Why do you think that?  Think about what was your last experience with a cog in the biggest bureaucracy, the federal government?  Was it good?  How about the last dozen?  I think I’ve made my point.  Government employees, and all these spooks are government employees, despite what you may like to think, are no less prone to using your private stuff illegally than anyone else on the street is.  If it’s available somebody will use it eventually.  Think about that next time you piss off a CIA paper pusher in the super market line or worse yet an IRS auditor.  If they have it, somebody will use it.  Remember that.  If they can’t have it we don’t have any trust problems here then do we.  Do you think the government cares if it gathers too much stuff even inadvertently?  I don’t think so.


Questionable Roadblocks

If what we really cared about were people’s lives we would take everyone in the war on drugs, the TSA, the NSA (and their sister agencies), federal law enforcement and put them out on the roads conducting questionable, but somehow legal, road blocks to look for drunk drivers. We would save thousands more lives if we even let all the other cranks go. It’s a matter of priority and your freedoms.  Why don’t we do it? Well there’s no power in arresting drunks.  It’s no fun like being a spy is.

Don’t believe what your government says to you. Don’t believe what multinational corporations say to you. Don’t believe unless you skeptically examine the truth of the statements they make.  They all think they know better than you how to “take care” of you.

Comb Over

What’s the deal with comb overs? You know those guys like Donald Trump et al that take a huge hunk of hair from the side of their heads and whip it over the top and then sweep it back so they can try to fool people they are not bald. Maybe if you asked them they would say that they weren’t trying to cover a bald spot but really want to style their hair that way. That’s what Trump would probably say. It’s the same thing with the rug-up-top (“Oh, it looks so natural I never would have known!”). Nobody wants the rug. Nobody wants the comb over.


And nobody wants to style their hair like a comb over. If they did then guys that still had a full mop would be doing the same thing: shave their heads except for one side and let it grow real long, like 16 inches, and then do the over and back thing with it. Did you ever see anyone with a full head of hair do that? I didn’t think so.

There are various disadvantages to each chrome remedy; the lid can just blow away, then there’s the swimming and shower problems, what to do with it during sex, etc. At least the comb over is gonna stay put, sorta.

The technical problems with the comb over are fluid transport and gravity. At some point there is going to be a hurricane or a tornado or you’ll be getting out of a helicopter and then it’s either in your eyes and mouth or it’s trying to imitate old glory. Either way, it’s not a pretty sight. You end up looking like a Misfits fan with a devil lock hangin’ down in front.


Why not just embrace the cue ball? Either shave it so the leftovers aren’t weird or just shave it all. Baldo is cool now. All sorts of guys, even guys with a full crop shave their head. Black men have a real advantage here since they have the pigmentation to really pull it off well. White guys, and the paler the worse it is, have that funky pink, pasty, potentially spotty dome to deal with. However, it still grooves sometimes. Get a tan and it sits better.


Some guys do have a physical disadvantage here and for them the situation is hopeless; guys that were attacked by an ax murderer at some previous time or guys that ate too much MSG before we knew that it gave you swell-head, for example. They are doomed to wear some freaky scar on the top of their heads that looks like a second mouth or people start whispering about “The Hills Have Eyes” when they’re around. But nobody said the universe is fair and a comb over is not going to change that.

What do guys think they are doing with a comb over? Who are they trying to impress? Unless you have a lot of money you are invisible to teenage girls no matter what you look like once you pass the magic three-oh, so why bother with them? Chicks your own age are starting to have their own high mileage issues so you are better off there, but really when you get in bed they are not going to wanna see that huge hunk of hair hangin’ in their face. The pool is going to be off limits too. And kite flying.

Face it and go with it. Stop looking the fool when you try to fool everyone. Whatever little you’ve got make it so it doesn’t go berserk in a high wind and make you look like Viktor Frankenstein.