uck Tucker


Unterfurher Carlson in His Clown Days

Tucker Carlson, lapdog of Propaganda Minister Oberfuhrer Sean Hannity believes “Latinos” are a bigger foreign threat to America than Russia or Vladimir Putin.  He cites Latino voting as the problem.  He can’t mean illegal immigrant voting which has already been debunked by a government committee, so he must mean legal American citizens of Hispanic background whether they were born here or elsewhere.  See the word “citizen” comrade, well that means they are here legally just like Sean Hannity’s Irish and Tucker Carlson’s Scandinavian ancestors were (maybe).  Hell some of these families may have been here looooong before Carlson’s herring eaters got here.  They might have families that go back to before Columbus if they managed to avoid that particular wave of ethnic cleansing.


Oberfuhrer Propaganda Minister Hannity with the Comb Over

Now that we understand that Carlson means people that aren’t white that vote legally in America, well now we get the lay of the land.  I imagine Carlson puts on the white sheet even before he gets out of the Fox News parking lot.  This little punk has been spewing Republican racist and fascist propaganda for almost as long as cable news has been around.  Why anybody gives the sawed off creep a microphone to talk into and a phone book to sit on is beyond me.  This latest racist screed just puts icing on the cake by not only excusing the inexcusable behavior of the Comb Over on the world stage but by letting the Soviets, I mean, Russians off the hook, the bane of so many previous Republican apologists, and by then dragging an ethnic minority of legal citizens into the argument.  What if Carlson had said it was the fault of the Irish-Americans that the country was so screwed up today?  Would the Fox Zeitung allow that?

Now that we see so many Republicans showing us what they really have been thinking all these years, it’s time to start telling people what is going on.  The conversation is over.  There is nothing left to discuss.  There are no moderate Republicans just as there never were any moderate Nazis.  The Republican party is the party of the racists, the bigots, the rich oligarchs, the white (only), war, xenophobia, ethnic cleansing, the confederate flag.  There are no “good” Republicans anymore.