Today’s topical rant, er, reasoned argument is over the Comb Over’s trip to the UK.  My first question to the gutless Prime Minister Theresa May and her lap dog Boris Johnson is, have they ever heard of Neville Chamberlain?  He ended up in a pretty footnote in history didn’t he?  Nobody pays attention to their schooling even when they get a good one.  Apparently they both want to appear alongside Chamberlain in the history books.

The most ethically and morally correct thing to do to the Comb Over at this point is disinvite, hell shun, the tyrant.  Call a spade a spade, a tyrant a tyrant, an emperor an emperor, a fuhrer a fuhrer and tell him he appals you.  Don’t legitimize a dictator by engaging in so called “mutual interests.”  The UK’s best interest at this point in time is for the Comb Over to choke on his next bite of filet mignon.

Unfortunately the Brexit debacle has put the UK in the position of being shaken like a rat by its tail until the last pence falls out of its pocket by the Comb Over.  No more European allies to fall back on.  Dumb and Dumber.  What was that asshole’s name. Nigel something or other.  He’ll get into the history books too in all the wrong ways.  I always thought Brits were smarter than the colonists but hey I’ve been wrong before.

I hope the Queen kicks him in the balls or has one of those hand buzzers.

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