The Last Guy


Somewhere out there is the last guy.  On the big ladder of life some guy is on the last rung about to fall off.  Think about it.  Everyone says:  “At least I’m not that guy.”  But there must by logic be one guy that can’t say this; he’s the last guy.  He cannot say at least I’m not that guy because he is that guy, the lowest on the ol’ totem pole.  He can say:  “There’s nowhere to go but up,” but he’s wrong.  His lot is to get his fingers stepped on or dragged off the ladder by the second to last guy and down he goes.   Now there is a new last guy because there will always be one until we are all gone.

I think Stephen King once wrote a story about this.


The only remedy to this is my prescription to always expect to be disappointed.  Then when that second to last guy steps on your hands, well you expected as much and can’t really feel worse for it.  You aren’t disappointed at least.

You need to think about this seriously because you know unless you take my advice you are going to be this last guy who has everyone to look up to and no one to look down on. Just here to help.  Otherwise you might as well let go now.  Hide the razorblades…

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